Англійська мова 3 клас. Календарне планування. Нова програма (зі змінами)

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Календарно-тематичне планування уроків англійської мови в 3 класі. За новою програмою, зі змінами.

Рік видання: 2015
Кількість сторінок: 9
Формат файлу: .doc
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Календарне  планування уроків іноземної мови (англійська)  3 клас 2 години на тиждень


№ з/п Дата Тема уроку Мовленнєвізразки Лексичний матеріал Граматичнийматеріал Читання Аудіювання Говоріння Письмо Домашнєзавдання
                                                                              І семестр
                                                                  Тема: Природа і навколишнє середовище
1 Знову в школу What’s your name?Where are you from?

How old are you?

Do you speak English?


the USA


2(6) 1(6) 3, 4 (7) 5 (7)
2 Уроки англійської What form are you in?What do you do at the English lessons?

Do you like…?

to read the textto write a word

to listen to the teacher

to speak English

to learn poems

to ask questions

2, 4 (8-9) 1(8) 3(9) 4(9) 5(9)
3 Пори року It’s cold/hot…The trees are green.

There is much…

There are many…

Summer autumnwinter spring

hot sunny

rainy frosty

cold snowy

warm windy

There is/are 2(10) 1a(10) 1b (10)3, 4(11) 5 (12)
4 Місяці Does Ann/Dan like…?What are the winter months?

What can Ann do in winter?

Is it snowy in winter?

December JanuaryFebruary

March April

May June July

August September

October November

3(12) 1(12) 2(12)4(13) 5(13)
5 Моя улюблена пора року My favourite season is…I like to…

I can…

to studyto ride a bike

to sing

to go to school

Can you…?Yes, I can./No, I can’t. 1(14)4a(15) 1(14)4a(15) 2(14)4b(15) 5(15)
6 Погода What is the weather like today?It’s so warm.It’s rather cold. Warm sunnyRainy cold

Cloudy windy

3(17)4(17) 1a(16) 1b(16)3,4(17)


7 Погода в моїй країні It’s rainy and windy in April in my country. 1(18)4(19) 1(18)2(19) 3(19) 5(19)
8 Природа навколо This is the sun.What can you see in the sky?

I can see the sun in the sky?

the sun the moonstars the sky

a forest  jungle

a mountain a river

a lake a flower

1(20)3(21) 1(20) 2(20)4(21) 5(21)
9 Повторення. Тематичне оцінювання 1(22)2(22) 1(22) 3(23)4(23) 5(23)Project Work
                                                                                                                              Тема:  Школа
10 Шкільні дні I usually do the sums on Tuesday.I often dance on Thursdays. Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday

Saturday Sunday

Present Simple 1(24) 1(24)2(24) 2(24)3(25)


11 Шкільне приладдя Number 1 is a/an…Is this your…? Yes, it is./No it isn’t.

Whose … is it?

a bag a diarya textbook a pencil a ruler

a desk a pencil case a rubber

an exercise  book

Present Simple (questions, affirmatives) 2(26)4a(26) 1(26)3(26)


12 Шкільні предмети I like…I don’t like…

Is… your favourite subject?

Do you like…?

a timetableReading Maths

Ukrainian English

Art Music PE

Nature Study

Computer Studies

2(28) 1(28) 3, 4, 5(29)
13 На уроках Do you… at the … lessons? to do the sumsto play games

to count to learn

to answer

4(31) 1(30)4(31) 2(30)3(31)


14 Предмети в класній кімнаті This is a map.That is a shelf.

These are books.

Those are shelves.

a bookcase           a window a shelfa door a chair

a blackboard          a table a classroom

This is/That is/These are/Those are 1(32)2(32)


1(32)4a(33) 3(32)4b(33) 5(33)
15 Опис класної кімнати Is there a desk in your picture?Are there desks in your picture? a wall lighta blackboard

a table a desk

a floor clean

There is/are 1(34) 1(34)2(34) 3(35)4(35) 5(35)Project Work
16 Після уроків What do you do after lessons?What do you do at the weekends? to do sportsto do one’s homework

to play games

to ride a bike

to skip to watch TV  to go to the cinema/theatre

to be outdoors/ indoors

Present Simple 2(37)3(37) 1a(36) 1b(36)4(37) 5(37)
17 Школа. Тематичне оцінювання 1(38)2(38)


5a(39) 3(38)5b(39)
                                                                                                                Тема: Я, моя сімя і друзі
18 Родинне фото These are my parents.Those are my sister and my brother. Parents a mothera father a sister

a brother an aunt

an uncle cousins

a grandma                          a grandfather

is/are 1(40)2(41) 3(41) 5(41) 4(41)
19 Моя родина What is your …’s name? Where does your … work? Have you got a brother or a sister? a pen-frienda hospital a bank

grandparents  pet


1(42)2(42) 3(43)4(43) 5(43)
20 Родинне дерево  a grandmothera grandfather                   a father a mother

an uncle an aunt

a nephew a niece


Possessive Case 3(45)4(45) 1(44)2(44) 5(45)
21 Вік та день народження How are you today?How old is she? Ten twenty thirtyForty fifty sixty

Seventy eighty

Ninety hundred

5(47) 1(46)2(46) 2(46)3(47)


22 Професії I am a teacher. I teach children.What’s your job?

What do you do?

a teachera doctor

to help sick people

a farmer

to look after animals

a bus driver

Present Simple (affirmatives, negatives, questions) 1(48) 1(48)3a(48) 2(48)2b(49)


23 На роботі  I like to cook. a zoo-keeperto make food for animals

to feed the animals

Special Questions 1(50)3(51) 1(50)4(51) 2(50)4(51) 5(51)
24 Професії членів моєї родини Look! This is my dad. He is a driver. a farmer  a doctor  /nurse a teacher               a baker a driver Present Simple (3rd person singular) 2a(52) 1(52) 2b(52)3(53)


25 Професії.  Тематичне оцінювання 1(54)3(54) 2(54)4(55)


5b(55)Project Work
Тема:  Людина. Зовнішність
26 Обличчя This is my nose.These are my eyes.

I have got a robot. It is big. It has got  …

Hair an eye a nosea mouth a lip        a head an ear

a cheek



1a(56) 1b(56)5(57)
27 Семестрова контрольна робота з  аудіювання I am tall.I have got a round face. long fair hairshort dark hair

thin and tall slim

short and plum

a round face


3(59)4(59) 1(58) 2(58)3(59)


28 Контроль говоріння
29 Семестрова контрольна робота з писемного мовлення This is a robot. It has got… a finger a lega knee afoot

a toe a head

a tooth a shoulder

an arm a hand

a tooth-teetha foot-feet 1a(60) 1a(60)4(61) 1b(60)2(60)


30 Семестрова контрольна робота з читання What does Polly look like? This is… He is my classmate. to play togetherhandsome pretty


1(62) 1(62) 1b(62)2(63)

3(63) 4(63)

5(63)Project Work
31 Зовнішність.Повторення What is Jane’s father like?What does Jane’s father look like? Nice kind funnyHappy clever strong                  to wear glasses to be liketo look like 2(64) 1a(64) 1b(64)3(65)


32 Повторення

ІІ семестр

33 Обличчя My favourite holiday is in… It is… We usually… We often… Birthday New Year EasterChristmas

New Year tree lights

2(70)3(70) 1(70)2(70


34 Зовнішність I’ve got a birthday next week. S want to have a party on Thursday afternoon. Can you come? to write the invitationsto send the invitations

to clean the house

to open the presents

Word Oder 2(72)3(73) 1(72) 4(73) 5(73)
35 Моя зовнішність. When is your birthday party? It’s on…What time does the party start?                It starts at… What time does it finish? It finishes at… to dance to singto play games

to eat cakes

1974)2(74) 1(74) 3(75)4(75) 5(75)
36 Мій друг. Тематичне оцінювання a birthday caketo blow out the candles 2b(77)3(77) 1(76)2b(77)


4(77) 5(77)
Тема: Свята та традиції
37 Моє улюблене свято. Підготовка до дня народження. What is this?It’s a new car.

What is that?

That is a nice doll house.

Glass interestingNice сotton

a doll house

a book a cup

a T-shirt

3(79)4(79) 1(78)2a(78) 2b(78)3(79) 5(79)
38 Запрошення. Вечірка на день народження. to celebrateto decorate the house with…

Father Frost

Snow Maiden

2(80)3(81) 1(80) 4(81) 5(81)
39 Подарунки на день народження How do you celebrate Christmas?Do you decorate a Christmas tree?

What do you decorate your home with?

Christmas treeSanta Claus 1(82)2(82) 1(82) 3(82)4(83) 5(83)
40 Новий рік та Різдво We celebrate Easter in… We usually… a paskaan Easter egg

an Easter basket

2(84)3(85) 1(84)2(84)


3(85)4b(85) 5(85)
41 Різдво у Великобританії та США Always oftenSometimes          to work

to go fishing

to feed the dog

Present SimpleAdverbs of Frequency 1(86) 4(87) 2(87)3(87)


Project Work

42 Великдень. Тематичне оцінювання Where is the…?The… is… a living rooma bedroom

a children’s room

a computer a bed

a wardrobe a sofa

Prepositions of Place 1(88)2(88)






2(88) 5(89)
                                                                                                                                  Тема:  Вдома
43 Мій будинок. Кімнати Is she in the bathroom?No, she isn’t.

Where is she?

a kitchena bathroom

a hall a bath

a mirror a sink

a towel a fridge

a cooker

There is/are 1(90)3(90) 1(90) 2(90)4(91)


44 Мій дім/квартира Which room is…? Downstairs upstairsa toilet between 1(92)4(93) 3(93) 2(92) 5(93)Project Work
45 Моя кімната Have you got a …?Where is the…? Curtains a mirroran armchair

a wardrobe

a bookcase

a drawer

2(94)4(95) 1(94) 3b(95) 3a(95)5(95)
46 Робота по дому a flat a house 2(96) 1(96)3(97) 5(97)
47 Мій ранок Where do you sleep?Where do you take off your coat? to feed the catto clean the floor

to water the plants

to wash the dishes

to walk the dog

to lay the table

Present Simple 2(98)4(99) 1(98) 3(99)5(99)
48 Вдома. Тематичне оцінювання 1(100)2(101) 4(101)5(101) 3(101)
Тема: Повсякденне життя
49 Час.                Режим дня Why are you so sleepy?When do you get up? to wash one’s faceto clean one’s teeth

to get up

to say “Goodbye”

to have one’s breakfast

to make one’s bed

Present Simple 2(102)3(103) 1(102)2(102) 3(103)4(104) 5(104)
50 Сьогодні та вчора What’s the time?It’s… o’clock pastto a quarter half 1(104) 2(104) 2(104)3(105)


51 Вчора вдень Present Simple 1(106) 1(106) 3(107) 6(107)
52 Кожного дня та вчора 2(106) 4(107)
53 Дії в минулому It is Tuesday today. It was Monday yesterday. Was wereToday yesterday Past Simple (was, were) 1(108)4(109) 1(108)3(109) 2(108)5(109) 6(109)
54 Повсякденне життя. Тематичне оцінювання Was Tom in bed?Yes, he was./No, he wasn’t. to be in bedto be at the cinema

to be at the circus

Past Simple (was, were) 2(110)1(110) 1(110)2(110)



                                                                                                            Тема: Відпочинок і дозвілля.  Подорожі
55 Мої уподобання I was…I was not…

We were…

We were not…

a playgrounda pond a wet dog

on Friday

at 6 o’clock


Past Simple (was, were) 2(112) 1(112)3(113)


56 Дії в майбутньому afternoon at homeat the beach

at the shops

at the circus

at the playground

at the cinema

57 Пишемо листа другові Did you get up at 6 o’clock yesterday?Yes, I did./No, I didn’t. to get upto wash one’s face

to make one’s bed

to have breakfast

to go to school

to start

to come home

Past Simple (Regular and Irregular Verbs)get-got



1(114)2(115) 2(115)4(115)


58 У селі Where were they?What did they do? to do one’s homeworkto watch TV Have hadgo-went come

came do-did



1(116)2(116) 3(117)4(117)


59 Мрії про літо 1(118) 2(118)4(119) 3(118)5(118) ProjectWork
60 Літній відпочинок I like to ride a bike.I don’t like to skip.

Do you like to…?

to skip to collect stickers/stamps 2(120) 1(120) 3(120) 5a(121)
61 Родинний відпочинок to ride a biketo watch TV 4(121)5b(121)
62 Майбутні подорожі I play badminton every day.I will play badminton tomorrow. tomorrowa playground



to play badminton

Future Simple 3(122) 1(122) 2(122)4(123) 5(123)
63 Подорожі Will you ride a bike tomorrow?Yes, sure. to roller bladeto go Future Simple 2(124) 1(124) 3(125)4(125) 5(125)
64 Відпочинок і дозвілля. Тематичне оцінювання Will you…? Yes, I will./No, I won’t. to skipto ride a bike

to play hide-and-seek

Future Simple 2(127)1(126) 1(126) 3(127) 4(127)
65 Семестрова контрольна робота з  аудіювання It will be windy tomorrow. We will fly a kite. to fly a kiteto visit grandparents

a summer camp


Future Simple 2(128) 1(128) 4(129) 5(129)
66 Контроль говоріння мовлення Where will Ann go this summer? England the USACanada Ukraine 3(129)
67 Семестрова контрольна робота з писемного What will she do there?She will lie in the sun and swim in the sea. to visit museumsto take photos

to travel

to go to the seaside

Future Simple 2(130)3(130) 1(130)2(130) 4(131)3(130)


68 Семестрова контрольна робота з читання I will… to make a sandcastleto go fishing

to help grandparents

Future Simple 3(133)4(133) 1a(132) 1b(132)2(132)


5(133) Project Work
69 Аналіз семестрових контрольних робіт. Узагальнення 3(135) 1(134)2(134)


70 Повторення. 4(135) 4(135)

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